Weather in Val Venosta, South Tyrol

Saturday, 25.06.2022

Weather today:

Sunny weather
Top temperatures between 23° and 31°.
Tempo attuale: High pressure conditions.
Sunny weather with some harmless cumuliform clouds in the afternoon.

Weather tomorrow:

Sunny and hot
Summer temperatures with highs between 28° in Sterzing and 32° in Bozen.
Tempo attuale: Warm and dry air masses will determine the weather conditions.
Sunshine will prevail on Sunday. Some cumulus clouds will form in the second part of the day, but the probability of thunderstorms will remain low.

Saturday, 25.06.2022
Partly cloudy

Day (max|min): 27°C | 11°C
Sunday, 26.06.2022
Partly cloudy

Day (max|min): 28°C | 15°C

Mountain weather today:

Sunny and warm
High pressure conditions. Good conditions. Sunny weather with mostly harmless clouds in the afternoon.
Zero degree level: 3800m
Vento: moderate southwesterly

Mountain weather tomorrow:

Sunny and hot
Warm and dry air masses will determine the weather conditions. Very sunny weather also in the mountains. Cumulus clouds will form in the afternoon, but will remain mostly harmless.
Zero degree level: 4000m
Vento: moderate southwesterly

Weather forecast

Thunderstorms on Tuesday

Monday, 27.06.2022
Partly cloudy
Affidabilità: 80%

Day (max|min): 34°C | 29°C
Night (max|min): 19°C | 11°C
Tuesday, 28.06.2022
Cloudy, thunderstorm with moderate shower
Affidabilità: 70%

Day (max|min): 30°C | 25°C
Night (max|min): 20°C | 13°C
Wednesday, 29.06.2022
Affidabilità: 70%

Day (max|min): 32°C | 25°C
Night (max|min): 18°C | 12°C
Thursday, 30.06.2022
Partly cloudy
Affidabilità: 70%

Day (max|min): 34°C | 27°C
Night (max|min): 19°C | 12°C

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